Natural stone is an all-around product that can be installed in a variety of places whether it is inside or outside the home. Different stones possess different properties. Particular types are useful for particular settings. For example, for your balcony or passage, the slate may be suitable while for your living room or family room, travertine may be a preferred choice. For your kitchen, any properly sealed stone is fine. It is free of oil and water-based stains. We recommend special kinds of natural stone for your kitchen and bathroom that we have tested at our company. For your bathroom, all stones properly sealed and cared for can be installed and will prove a good deal for your bathroom. Soapstone is not advisable as it is not sealed. Avoid installing smooth surface stones in your restroom as that will cause slippery. The selection of color is the second concern after choosing the stone type. What should be the tonal variation, texture, and markings of the floor? For more formal vicinity such as conservatory or hallway, strongly colored stones don’t seem an appropriate choice. What about putting a more neutral and soothing shade to eyes? In the kitchen, where plenty of light is available, you can happily go for darker shades. We have a plethora of color spectrums, markings and tonal variety at our disposal. If you do not find yourself in a position to decide what to go for, contact our team of experts at Flooring Express where design professionals and associates can walk you through gains and losses of stone flooring while taking your lifestyle, home décor and budget into account.
The majority of the people are concerned about the cold temperature that it would feel icy underfoot in the frosty mornings and nights of Texas after fitting stones to their home spaces. Stones absorb ambient heat during day time where there is exposure to sunlight. So, temperature management is not a problem once you’ve installed stones on your floors. You will feel toasty warm under your feet. It is also an excellent heat conductor so if you are planning underfloor heating, it will work extremely well. You can use both electric and wet underfloor heating in this setting. Is it slippery? No, it is no more slippery than any other flooring surface like wood, ceramic or some other tile surface. In extreme wet conditions, it could get a bit slippery so be watchful to clean it to keep it safe for you and your family members. Avoid installing porous material on slippery locations to avoid any potential mishap.
It is not. Once it is installed and sealed properly, you are free of maintaining it for years. Follow the advice of professionals about maintaining and cleaning the floors. You should not use any harsh cleaning material as it can damage the stone or strip the sealer. Regular mopping and sweeping would suffice as long as the sealing is intact. After years of use, it is perfectly normal for some voids to appear in some stone variants that are very easy to undergo filler jobs we provide at Flooring Express at minimal expenses.
Professional Stone and Flooring Restoration Services in Katy Texas


It involves many things to keep an eye on while choosing the right stone for your particular part of the home. Specific stones are there for a specific purpose.

Although in some cases, you can install stone tiles on your own, but it is always advisable to hire a professional for this job because there are many specialized tools required for installation, some of which could be harmful if not used properly. Moreover, it can be a lengthy and messy process.

You will find us on hand to help you make this strenuous task look easy. Flooring Express has got all the aspects covered to install the best stone in your house flooring. To have us at your installation job will make it easy, quick and free of any surprises for you.