Dust may accumulate under the carpets if they are not cleaned after some time. Letting your carpets unchecked can turn them into a breeding space for bed bugs, mites or other insects like these. 

Thick and fluffy absorptive surfaces of carpet could trap allergens and moisture causing allergy to family members at home. Vacuuming the carpets at an appropriate interval would be beneficial if you are getting allergic attacks. Carpets having protection against stains and even carpets with options making pet hair removal very easy are available at our disposal. 

It could create odor and stains of the food items spilled over it which makes room stinky. There would be a need to clean your carpets at times to avoid these hygiene concerns. Carpets are not suitable to be installed at every portion of the house, i.e. they are not a facility for your kitchen and bathroom.

Carpets have a very high maintenance cost. It does not offer as much durability as some other style options like tiles or stones could provide. Money saved at the time of first purchase could be taken out after some time making it a cost-effective deal for you. 

In current times, hard-surfaced floors are getting popular which imparts more value to your sweet home. Decorating the home with carpeting the floors or walls is never out of fashion as it is in practice since ages. But new technologies being introduced in the market may overshadow this old option of flooring your space. 



  • Basement carpeting protects the space from moisture. Katy’s weather requires complete isolation from water in the underground areas of the home. It is a space that often gets very little attention but mostly it is used as a playroom for kids, a workshop for you and a storeroom for the house. 
  • Carpet tiles are carpet squares cut into different dimensions mostly in 18-inch squares. It renders a wider range of flexibility in designs giving a dynamic look to the area applied. It is a durable and easily repairable option. Any tile can be replaced or removed when required. 
  • Stair carpeting is a perfect addition to home flooring when you need safety and sound damping. For children and aged family members, it makes sure that no one gets hurt. Stairs covered with hardwood or tiles are very dangerous due to hard and sleek surfaces. Crawling babies are safe even if they fall from these.
  •  footsteps’ sound may cause inconvenience to ears. Stairs covered with carpet absorb all that sound and provide a peaceful environment. In addition to all these environmental aids, carpet gives an aesthetic appeal to the stairs.
  • Berber Carpet is light, cheap, and durable at the same time. These are available in a variety of colors in the market. Berber carpets can be used in the best way with cut pile constructions. It lets spills into the sink to the pad of the carpet through these holes. 
  • Area Rugs soften up and intensify the looks of the house. These can also serve as decorative centerpieces for the lounge or living rooms.
  • Sisal Carpeting is dust repellent, stain, and flame resistant and also a very good sound absorber. So, it provides you with all in one package. 
  • Wool Carpeting is eco-friendly, soft and keeps inside heated. It contains warmth in it and keeps the temperature in control even in frosty conditions of Texas.
  • Nylon Carpeting gives strength to flooring with flexibility. It is a durable material made of fibers.
  • Saxony carpets are thick, plush and functional. One word for them would be luxury while sophistication comes side by side. For more formal bedrooms, living rooms, hallways or even stairs, these are the best fit for your space.
  • Made up of more loosely and generally longer fibers, Frieze Carpeting is the name of style and comfort.

So, if you find yourself in need of installing any of these carpet settings to your place, feel free to contact Flooring Express and Full Remodeling. Our team of professionals is more than ready to help you apply these luxuries in your home sweet home.





The Interior of the room picks up an enhanced decorated look. It beautifully masks the flaws of the floor which otherwise would be very obvious. A newly carpeted room presents a colorful and stylish look. Old and damaged tiling is no more a reason to be worried once you get your carpeting job done by our team.

In wintertime, it provides you with the much-needed warmth during that period and keeps your indoor heated and comfy. Without a wall to wall carpeting, the temperature gets quite low in the frosty days and nights of Texas. With this assistance, you are free of such concerns.

It’s a luxury to your feet to have a soft, relaxing and comfortable layer of carpet under these. Your heels are free of pressure and do not feel any roughness. Feel free to walk barefooted on the carpeted floor. It also renders a cushion against slipping or falling. Your babies would enjoy this more than you. 

What is better than a peaceful and soundless indoor environment of the home? Perfect sound isolation is achieved with complete carpeting of the floors and walls. Your family members may come and go, children could keep visiting your room and still, there is no disturbance around you. All such noises are absorbed by special materials which carpets are made of.

It is way cheaper than woods or ceramic tiles which would cost you a dare if you are planning to install them into your house. So, carpeting keeps you in your budget.

Flooring express presents an endless range of styles and colors regarding this service. Choose what suits your needs and we will be there to have you installed all these amenities at your doorstep with ease, comfort, and peace of mind.  


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